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I was familiar with Technorati Media, I was not familiar with Adengage ( .  After reading about the acquisition, I got an email from them and decided to give the company a try a few months later.

Adengage Review
Signing up for an account is pretty easy.  They ask you for the typical information like your name, address, how you want to get paid, etc. You are then asked to enter your website’s information (URL, name, and categories or tags that are the best fit for your site).  This data is intended to help your website get listed in the right area, featured to advertisers who want to buy that kind of traffic and serve the most relevant run of network (RON) ads from the get go.  

One of the things that I found a little difficult was the process to determine how much I should sell my ad spaces for.  I had a few options – I could either sell one ad at a time or let Adengage review the site, split up my ads into pieces and sell them off (e.g. would you rather have $250 for one ad for a month, or would you rather have 4 people paying $99 for 25% of my ad space for the month).  

As a publisher you want to get the highest price possible for your advertising space. As the customer purchasing the ad you want to pay the lowest price possible. You are able to create various pricing models such as 7 day advertising, two week advertising, 1 month advertising, etc.  

My recommendation is that you keep it simple.  Offer some sort of discount for longer ad buys too – it will give you some more stable income.   One of the nice things Adengage does is guarantee to you that they’ll sell 100% of your inventory – which means that any ads that aren’t bought outright by advertisers will fulfilled with RON advertisers paying on a cost per click (CPC) or cost per view (CPM) pricing.  Once you get pricing worked out, it’s all easy.  You are just adding a few simple lines of code to your website, and you’re in business.  

One key thing that I learned early on is that Adengage has a newsletter that it sends out to around 10,000 advertisers weekly.  If you get your website featured in their “VIP deal list” or site, you’re going to make some sales.  I didn’t find any official notes on what it takes to get included.  My recommendation is that you email your account manager or just telling them that you want to be featured.

When you sell an ad on your website, you’ll get an email from their system telling you that there’s a new ad up for your review.  As the owner of the website you can review, approve or reject ads.  You can set the default value to automatically approve it after a certain amount of time.  Once you approve an ad it takes a little while for the ads to start appearing on your website.  

Another thing you’ll notice is that Adengage starts learning about your website after your code has been live on your site.  They get your Alexa Rank, daily page views, unique users, sale rate, repurchase rate, and estimated click through (CTR) data.  This gives advertisers an overview on what they’re buying (as a publisher and an advertiser, I like getting some 3rd party data on a website, so I know that there’s some legitimacy to what I’m buying).

Adengage has several different payment terms.  They pay their “VIP Publishers” (people making a good bit of money) bi-weekly.  They pay everyone else net 30 (which means at the end of the month).  That’s pretty standard with a lot of online ad networks.  They payout with your option of paypal, check, wire, paxum, moneybookers/skrill and have a $50 minimum payout.

You can see my earnings report here.

Sites Like Adengage
Advertising networks that are similar to Adengage include Google Adsense, AdBrite, Kontera, Vibrant Media, Juicy Ads, Exoclick, and Adknowledge.

Adengage Referral Program Review

Adengage’s referral program is one of the best that I’ve seen.  They offer you 25% of all Net Sales (revenue minus transaction fees like credit card processing fees and stuff like that) for all accounts your refer for the Account Lifetime.  They ALSO give you multi-level affiliate payments.  This means that if I recruit Mike & Jim & Sue, and Mike recruits 10 other people, and Jim recruits 10 people, and Sue recruits 20 other people, I’m making money not only on my original 3, but also the other 40 people in my down line.  In addition, if I source someone who buys one of my direct ads, I get 100% of the Net Sales payout.  I love that.  If I find someone who wants to buy my ad – they pay everything out to me.  I wish other referral programs added that feature.

Looking at my rates and stats, you can see that I’m doing pretty well with a few hundred dollars a day of profit.  If I wanted to sell direct to the advertiser and do the legwork of selling and billing advertisers, I may be able to do better.  However, the big tipping point for me is the referral program.  If I do get my own advertiser, I get 100%, if I give them leads, they pay me for the lifetime of the account, if my referrals give referrals, I get paid on all of those accounts.  That is a huge bonus that’s not included in most ad networks.

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